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12th May 2020
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12th May 2020
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12th May 2020

We understand that the last couple of months may have been relatively quiet for a lot of installers, but with things looking to pick up in the near future, Contact Pro offers a great way for you to acquire further leads and manage enquiries all in one place. To benefit even further, you can contact the office to amend any of your search criteria to cater the enquiries to your business. This ensures that you only receive leads that are relevant to the services that you offer, to save both your time as well as the customer’s.

This month, we asked some of our installers to tell us what they thought of the system, how they find using it and their advice for getting the most out of it. Here’s what they had to say.

Managing leads

Marlon Green from Roofwise Roofing Service Ltd. commented that ‘it’s a good system and is easy to use.’ ‘We can answer leads anywhere between 9am and 3pm. We explain that we have received their details through the VELUX system and continue from there.’

With leads coming through as emails rather than phone calls, this allows for more flexibility in managing workload, as you can address enquiries at a time that is convenient for you. Angela Rochelle from Aldridge Loft Conversions Ltd. agrees, saying ‘we contact customers in the morning 9:15am-11:15am and tend to check in on Contact Pro again of an evening. This fits around our working and family life whilst sticking to contacting customers within a 48 hours period. We try to physically visit the customer within a week.’

Having these times set aside during the working day is an ideal way to manage any enquiries, and being able to keep on top of customer communications is vital for not only the customer’s peace of mind, but also for your business. Although it is not always possible to pick up every lead that comes your way, it’s important to respond to the customer whether you can fulfil the project or not. This is to ensure that they continue to receive the first-class customer service that is guaranteed when they choose a VELUX Certified Installer.

The benefits to your business

One of the main benefits that Marlon has found is that ‘if you are working on site in the day, you can miss calls from customers, but with Contact Pro, you don’t miss the lead, as the customer’s details are ready and waiting for you to pick them up once you have finished on site. It prevents missing the lead or misleading the customer.’ Angela also commented that ‘the system is a great way of keeping track of our interaction and communication with the customer, as well as tracking conversion rates for jobs. We use the system alongside our own system to track what stage potential projects are at.’ In this way, you can use Contact Pro to supplement your own system and be able to keep on top of your rapport with customers.

You may find that when you choose to reopen and begin working once again, the demand for your services may have changed. Using the Contact Pro system effectively will allow you to manage an increased demand, as well as support a steady flow of jobs to help make transitioning back into work as easy as possible.

If you have any questions about Contact Pro or would like support in making the most of the system, then contact the office at

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