ContactPro: Streamlining Consumer Leads and Enquiries  

22nd June 2023
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22nd June 2023
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22nd June 2023

VELUX ContactPro offers you a great way to acquire further consumer leads and manage enquiries all in one place.  

Here are some other key benefits you can enjoy with ContactPro: 

  • Easier to access all your current leads. 
  • Leads are categorised, making it simple to know what stage you are at with each project. 
  • Allows customers to provide you with more project information, so you can understand what they need. 
  • Lead notifications via email and/or text message. 
  • Ability to view all archived leads. 

Insights from our trusted installers 

This user-friendly system makes it easier to stay on top of your leads. Here’s what your fellow installers think of the system. 

“It’s good that you can see contacted, recently contacted leads and the leads you haven’t contacted yet”. 

“It looks really good. I can easily and regularly check the overview of my projects”. 

Bespoke enquiries  

To benefit you even further, you can contact the office to amend any of your search criteria to tailor the enquiries to your business. This ensures that you only receive consumer leads that are relevant to the services that you offer. 

How we maintain first-class standards 

We are continually working to improve the system and make it more user-friendly. To do this, we require your cooperation to avoid letting potential customers down. 

Housekeeping rules that can help us to maintain the reputation of your business and the VELUX brand: 

  • When a customer lead is raised, the customer must be contacted by you ideally within a 2-working-day period, even if you cannot fulfil the project. 
  • If you are cancelling leads that have come through the system, then please could we ask you to contact the customers directly and let them know why. Please be aware that when you update your status to ‘Cancelled’, the notification does not pull through to the lead, so the customer will not be aware that you have done this unless you contact them directly. 
  • Keep the status of your leads up to date. If we see that they are still marked as ‘NEW’ on the system, we will be contacting customers to offer alternative Certified Installers in their area. We do not wish to waste your time or the customer’s time in situations where contact has been made but the system has not been updated. 
  • As email notifications aredistributed by the online system automatically, we recommend that you check your junk mailbox for any missed notifications. 

Unable to take on additional leads? 

If you feel that you are unable to service any additional leads that come in, please do let the office know. We can temporarily disable your ContactPro account, and if also required, we can do the same to your company listing. This means it will be hidden from consumers until you are ready to take on extra leads.  

Contact us today 

We look forward to continuing to work with you in providing a first-class service to our customers and we will keep you updated of any further developments. If you have any further questions or require any additional support, please do not hesitate to contact the VELUX Certified Installer Partnership team at or call us on +44(0)115 784 1503. 

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