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16th December 2020
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16th December 2020
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16th December 2020

As the awareness of the VELUX Certified Installer Partnership grows, we want to make sure that all potential customers can find their local installers and reliable resources to ensure their experience with VELUX is a positive one. That’s why we endeavour to provide them with clear, up-to-date and accurate information across our official platforms and it’s important that all our VELUX Certified Installers do the same.

For this reason, and for the sake of clarity for customers, installers cannot register their company name, domain name or email address incorporating the VELUX trademark or other trademarks of the VELUX group (including the Certified Installer Partnership).

In addition to this guideline, the other standards all VELUX Certified Installers should adhere to include:

1. The Installer undertakes to use the VELUX trademark and any other trademarks of the VELUX Group loyally and in accordance with the guidelines issued by the VELUX Group at any time.

2. The VELUX trademark is exclusively reserved for the designation of genuine VELUX products.

3. The VELUX trademark must always be written in capital letters e.g. VELUX roof window.

4. The VELUX logo must always be used in its registered form and preferably based on a master provided by the VELUX Group. If not based on a master, the logo must fulfil the written specifications of the VELUX Group at any time.

5. The VELUX logo shall preferably appear on a white background; alternatively on a background which cannot be confused as part of the VELUX logo.

6. The VELUX logo must always be placed horizontally.

7. All marketing material including websites of the Installer relating to VELUX products shall include the following trademark notice: “VELUX and the VELUX logo are registered trademarks of VKR Holding A/S.” Any other trademark of the VELUX Group used in the Installer’s marketing materials must be included in same trademark notice.

8. Trademarks of the Installer or other third party trademarks used in same marketing material or on the installers website may not be displayed in such a way that they may be confused as part of the VELUX trademark or other trademarks of the VELUX Group.

9. This document does not grant to the Installer ownership or any other kind of right to the VELUX trademark or other trademarks of the VELUX Group except for the right to use the trademarks in accordance with this document.

10. For the sake of clarity, it is expressly stated that the Installer is not allowed to establish registered rights to the VELUX trademark or any other trademark of the VELUX Group in any form; this prohibition includes but is not limited to:

a. Trademark registration incorporating the trademarks.

b. Registration of company names incorporating the trademarks.

c. Registration of domain names and e-mail addresses incorporating the trademarks.

In case of breach of these guidelines, the VELUX Group may issue a written warning to the Installer to which the Installer should comply with within 2 weeks. If the Installer does not comply, the VELUX Group may terminate the relationship with the Installer and remove the Installer from the official VELUX website without further notice.

Please help us by continuing to follow the above guidelines to provide our customers with the best service possible.

To view these guidelines on the VELUX website, please visit:

UK installers –

Irish installers –

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