How to work smarter outside in the cooler months

31st October 2022
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26th August 2022
3in1 top-hung roof window: balcony feeling in one installation
3in1 top-hung roof window: balcony feeling in one installation
31st October 2022

What measures do you take to keep healthy and safe when working outside in the winter months?

With the cold creeping in, we’ve put together tips to keep you warm and safe whilst working outside.

  1. Dress well
    Wear materials such as wool, polypropylene and polyester fleece and avoid materials such as cotton, polyester and linen.

    – Wear layers. Three layers is adequate with a windproof and waterproof top layer. The best thing about layers is that you can always remove one if you get too hot.

    – Wear somewhat loose-fitting clothing as tight-fitting clothing can restrict blood flow and mobility.

    – Wear a hat and neck warmer to keep you from losing heat from these areas. If you only have a scarf, keep it tucked into and out of the way when you’re working to prevent accidents.
  2. Stay well-rested
    – Try to get at least 7 hours of sleep each day before work. Being well-rested will help to keep you on the ball and will lower your chances of accidents and sick days.

  3. Stay nourished
    – Eat little and often so you have enough fuel to keep yourself warm and energised for the working day. Try not to over-eat either because it can make you feel drowsy and work extra challenging.

    – Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to keep yourself well-hydrated and thinking clearly.

  4. Take breaks
    – It doesn’t take long to feel weather-beaten when working outside in winter, that’s why it’s important to take 10-minute breaks to warm yourself up and get your blood flowing.

  5. Check the traffic updates
    Taking 30 seconds out of your morning with a hot cup of coffee to check your route to work will save you time on the road ahead. Not to mention, it’ll save you fuel and you won’t be late for work.

  6. Prepare your vehicle
    Make sure your vehicle is road-safe and check your tyres, lights, oil levels and brakes, and of course, make sure you have fuel for the morning drive. And don’t forget to keep a spare tyre in the boot as well as a scraper, high-vis jacket, bottle of water, food and a first aid kit.

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