Reassessments: Physical Service Calls are Back!

14th March 2022
VELUX Best Practice Training Sessions
11th March 2022
NEW DATES for VELUX best practice training
New dates for VELUX Best Practice Training
5th May 2022

Great news!

With the COVID-19 restrictions now easing, reassessments will be reverting back to physical service calls rather than via virtual calls.

The physical service calls will give you the opportunity to showcase your project face-to-face with your local VELUX Technician, as well as the opportunity to discuss any questions or queries you may have and rekindle your relationship.

How you will be advertised on our website

It’s important to note that if you’re assessed for a replacement window, you will be advertised on the VELUX Certified Installer website for ‘replacement installation’ only. However, if you’re assessed for a new installation, you will be advertised for both replacement and new installations.

When is my reassessment due?
If your company’s reassessment is due, we will contact you prior to your due date to ask for details of a VELUX project you have scheduled in the diary.

For your reassessment to be arranged, we will need at least two to three weeks’ notice. Once we have the information, we will share this with the VELUX Manual Booking Team who manage the Technicians’ diaries and make contact with you to confirm the appointment

The criteria for the installation for inspection are:

  • The job is carried out for an impartial source (not family or friends)
  • The installation is an open but completed job (i.e., installed and watertight but not yet plastered)
  • The age of the window installed is no more than 10 years old
  • The inspection area is internal
  • The floor to the bottom of the roof window height is a maximum of 2.5 metres
  • The inspection area is accessible, free from obstructions and provides a safe/secure working environment
  • The roof window being inspected includes a VELUX roof window and VELUX flashing kit
  • The installation being inspected is within a tile or slate pitched roof
  • Structural support should comply with authority building regulations

What we will need to know to schedule in your project:

  • The address of the property
  • Dates the work on the window installation is open from and to when it is due to be plastered
  • Window product code
  • Type of installation: new installation or replacement
  • Height/access details (i.e., access internally or access via scaffolding externally)
  • Is there parking available for the technician?
  • On-site contact: name and contact details

Have any questions or queries relating to reassessments? Please do not hesitate to contact the VELUX Certified Installer Partnership on 0115 784 1503.

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