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22nd June 2023
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22nd June 2023
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29th June 2023

A requirement to be a member of the VELUX Certified Installer Partnership and TrustMark is to be reassessed on a VELUX installation every 3 years.  

However, we’re aware that there have been challenges over the past few years with regards to assessments, so to make your life easier, we’ll now be conducting these virtually. 

Similar to when reassessments were being conducted during COVID restrictions in 2020, reassessments are being carried out via virtual calls, where the technician will video call you through an app. The technician will ask you to show them different parts of the job whilst on the call and document evidence for review.  

When’s my reassessment due?  

If your company’s reassessment is due, the VELUX Certified Installer Partnership team will contact you prior to your reassessment date to ask for details of a VELUX project you have scheduled in the diary. 

We ideally need at least two to three weeks lead time for your live job to coordinate with the technician’s diary – however, if you have a potential VELUX installation which is ready to view, then please do let us know the details as we will always try our best to get this booked in.   

Once we have the information, we will pass it on to our manual booking team who will contact you directly to confirm the technician’s availability. Please would you be so kind as to provide the following information: 

  • The address of the property 
  • Your preferred time and date of inspection 
  • Window product code 
  • Type of installation (new installation or replacement) 
  • On-site contact/installer (name and contact details) 


Just as a reminder, the criteria of the installation for inspection are: 

  • The job is for an impartial source (not family or friends) 
  • The installation is an open job, i.e. the VELUX window is installed and watertight but before the point of being finished internally 
  • The age of the window installed is no older than 10 years 
  • The inspection area is internal 
  • The floor to the bottom of the roof window height is a maximum of 2.5 metres 
  • The inspection area is accessible, free from any obstructions, and provides a safe/secure working environment 
  • The roof window being inspected includes i) a VELUX roof window, and ii) a VELUX flashing kit 
  • The installation being inspected is within a tile or slate pitched roof 
  • Structural support needs to comply with authority building regulations 
  • A representative of your company is present during the technician’s visit 


Please be aware that if you are assessed on a new installation, you will be listed as a new and replacement installer. However, if you are assessed on a replacement installation, you will only be listed as a replacement installer after your assessment has taken place.  

If you have any questions or queries regarding the reassessment process, please do not hesitate to email us on or by contacting one of the team on +44 (0)115 784 1503.  

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