Meet Vario by VELUX: A line of 5 customisable flat roof windows

29th October 2019
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28th October 2019
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29th October 2019

Have you ever wanted to provide a customisable flat roof solution for one or more of your customer enquiries?

Now you can offer this very solution, with the latest product from VELUX. Introduced to the market in June 2019, Vario by VELUX offers five styles of fully bespoke roof windows, the ideal solution for high-end flat roof extensions and new builds. We know quite a few of our Certified Installers have been asking to find out more about this very solution, so over the coming weeks we’ll be releasing even more information.  

For now, you can visit the new Vario by VELUX website and watch this video to get yourself up to speed!

Earn a huge £75 when you install Vario by VELUX

Already excited to start offering Vario by VELUX to your customers? For a limited-time introductory offer, you can earn a huge £75 on every flat roof window you claim! It’s one of our most exciting Rewards promotions yet, so start earning your points ASAP!

Interested in installing Vario by VELUX?

As Vario by VELUX are a much heavier product than standard VELUX roof windows, their installation requires a crane to get them on the roof. If you think you’d be able to arrange this, as well as install the product, please let us know at, as we are looking for installers to potentially service specific projects!

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