The weirdest place to find a VELUX roof window

16th June 2022
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16th June 2022
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16th June 2022

The other week, Certified Installer Russell Rix had booked a small break away for himself and his partner at a spa hotel. Whilst walking into Skipton along the canal, he couldn’t help but notice a couple of canal boats that had VELUX windows!

Russell said, “I bet I am not the only Certified Installer that can’t help but look at VELUX windows when out and about – much to our other halves’ annoyance.”

Why are VELUX windows great for canal boats?

  • Enhanced and bigger views – one of the perks of living on a boat is the ability to enjoy lots of different picturesque views. From large, rolling hills to quaint waterside villages – there’s a lot to see from the comfort of a canal boat, which is why VELUX roof windows are the perfect choice for maximising scenery and framing it.

  • Enhanced daylight – it’s well known that sunlight can improve mood and quality of life, and by installing large VELUX roof windows, you can easily illuminate all corners of the interior.

  • Water-tight seals – although surrounded by water, you don’t want it finding its way inside, which is why VELUX roof windows are the best fit for canal boats because they have seals that ensure safe and effective drainage.

  • Improved ventilation – VELUX roof windows are designed to boost airflow and ventilation, keeping environments fresh and problems such as damp and condensation at bay.

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