Is VELUX ACTIVE right for your customers?

28th August 2019
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28th August 2019
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28th August 2019

Discover the benefits of VELUX ACTIVE for yourself

VELUX ACTIVE is the latest and most exciting addition window solution to add to your product list, and our first ‘smart-home’, offering VELUX with NETATMO, allowing you to operate all VELUX INTEGRA windows with IO-Homecontrol.

What customers love about VELUX ACTIVE

Not only does VELUX ACTIVE make it easier to introduce more fresh air and daylight to homes, the technology helps capitalise on the growing trend for smart home technology. Here are the three main characteristics you can share with interested customers:


Smart sensors measure the temperature, humidity and air quality to automatically open or close your roofs windows, blinds and shutters. The solution ensures healthier indoor climate while saving energy.


You can remotely monitor and control your home’s indoor climate with key indexes for temperature, humidity and air quality, and receive alerts on your Smartphone when automatic regulation is on-going.


Whenever you want, wherever you are, you can use the App or voice control to open and close your VELUX INTEGRA roof windows, blinds and shutters.

If you’re interested in having brochures available for customers who express an interest, or might become interested, in VELUX ACTIVE, make use of our guide! This outlines all the benefits of VELUX ACTIVE, and provide in depth information on functionality and usage.

What Installers have to say

The most important part of introducing a new product is making sure that Installers are confident using it and their customers are pleased with the result. 10 Installers from around the UK were selected to perform a trial installation so that we – and you – could find out more about what installing VELUX ACTIVE is like, and what customer reactions to it are.

On fitting VELUX ACTIVE, David French says “it’s very easy to do and we try and get the customer to do it themselves” before going to say “it’s a very good system and will be a big winner with homeowners”.

Regarding the app, Terry Skues was comfortable with the technical aspect, adding “it looks good and works well and would like more opportunities to install it”.

Why wait to try it yourself?

If you’re interested in learning more about installing VELUX ACTIVE, you can check out our training video on the topic, or reach out to our team to find out more about the benefits it can bring to your customers. And, of course, the benefits to you – right now, every purchase of VELUX ACTIVE earns you £20/€24 in Rewards!

Our latest face-to-face training opportunities, brought straight to you

As more and more products are made available, we recognise the need for additional training and support. That’s why we offer a series of training days designed to give you and your team more insight into VELUX products and their installation.

Over 100 Installers and their employees have already been involved, taking part in training sessions covering the following topics:

  • The new pre paired KLI (switchover from KLR 200)
  • Upgrading windows with Conversion Kits
  • Tips on ‘best working practise’
  • The perfect install

We will have training days in September on the 11th at JJ Roofing in Cricklewood and on the 24th at Elliotts in Christchurch, as well in October on the 9th and 10th at BMI Redland, Cirencester covering the topics mentioned above and more. We’ll also be releasing more training dates in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eye out for a session that could be perfect for improving your skills.

Book your training today

Want to see a specific topic covered, or would like to make sure that there will be training available in your area? Get in touch today! Our team is happy to make sure you’re receiving the training you want in the location you need.

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