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3rd February 2022
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3rd February 2022
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11th March 2022

It’s fair to say that the past year has brought us much of the same challenges as 2020. But despite the inconsistencies and trepidation with ever-changing restrictions, the home improvements boom has continued to keep us booked up throughout the winter period, and this shows no real sign of slowing down any time soon.

So, what does 2022 with VELUX have in store for us? Well, from new products to brilliant bonus schemes, there’s plenty to keep you occupied…

New Product launches

Launching Spring 2022 is the brand new VELUX GGLS 3-in-1 INTEGRA® solar variant. The new product is solar powered and comes with three windows in one frame. The solar-powered VELUX 3-in-1 gives full flexibility for ultimate control and convenience. You can control each individual sash, blind, and heat protection product manually, remotely or with a VELUX intelligent home control system. Get in touch for more information!

2021 saw one of our biggest launches yet with the New Generation flat roof windows, enabling more people to benefit from daylight and ventilation through the roof. In 2022, the Flat Roof window range will be extended with three bigger sizes; 150 x 100 cm, 150 x 150 cm and 200 x 100 cm. Glass rooflights, blackout blinds and heat protection products, as well as a new insect screen will be available from spring 2022 for all Flat Roof window sizes. In addition, a solar vented rooflight variant will launch in Autumn 2022.

2022 will also bring the panoramic top-hung VELUX GPLS 3-in-1. Customers will be able to enjoy the best view with the 3-in-1 manual top-hung roof window, from Spring 2022. The elegant handle at the bottom of the window allows it to be opened to 45° for an extra spacious balcony feeling. Three roof windows in one frame GPLS opens the room up for an uninterrupted view. Gorgeous! Remember, VELUX 3-in-1 roof windows also count as 3 units in VELUX Rewards!

Price changes from 1st February 2022

VELUX is committed to growing the market in conjunction with our trade partners. We always have a desire to offer the best value for money roof windows on the market and continue to strive to do so in the face of challenging market conditions. To make sure we stay as competitive as possible, whilst providing the best results for our customers, we are applying price adjustments, which will see product prices increase by +9.9% on average.

Below is an overview of changes by product category

  • VELUX sloping roof windows will increase by +10% on average
  • VELUX flashing kits will increase by +12.2% on average
  • VELUX flat roof windows will increase by +5.3% on average
  • VELUX sun tunnels will increase by +9.7% on average
  • VELUX internal blinds will increase by +9.7% on average
  • VELUX external shutters will increase by +9.5% on average
  • VELUX electrical accessories will increase by +6.2% on average
  • VELUX installation products will increase by +9.9% on average


In 2022, VELUX Rewards continue to be one of our Certified Installers’ favourite benefits and we’re looking forward to bringing even more offers next year!

As well as our year-round rewards, we’ll also be releasing a huge new Rewards Bonus scheme allowing you to earn even MORE rewards based on the volume claimed. Starting this January, as soon as you’ve purchased more than 10 roof windows, you will begin earning an additional VELUX Rewards BONUS for every claim.  

Between now and June, work your way up Rewards levels 1 to 5 to unlock an additional £3-£14 Reward for each purchase. The more you buy, the bigger the BONUS!

Not only that, we will also be adding new Rewards partners to our extensive list of retailers including Adidas, Tesco and John Lewis, so look out for these in 2022!

Training opportunities

In 2021, we continued to deliver our virtual Best Practice training with Mark Dymond, giving you access to live demonstrations, as well as open discussions with fellow members and technical experts.

If you’ve missed out on these opportunities so far, there’s still a chance to sign up for the sessions this year.

The sessions will give you the knowledge and confidence to fit products in your customers’ homes and to help upsell the additional accessories that allow customers to get the most from their new VELUX roof window.

For any questions regarding the VELUX Best Practice training, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0115 784 1503 or contact the VCIP office at velux@diversity.agency If you or any of your employees are interested in attending, dates and times can be provided on request. We’re only giving you a snippet of what’s to come in 2022, so make sure you keep an eye out on the Facebook group, as well as our monthly emails to stay up to date with the latest VELUX news!

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