How you’ve been earning Rewards this summer

26th June 2019
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21st June 2019
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25th July 2019

The VELUX Rewards scheme is a simple way for you to earn vouchers to spend at your favourite retailers. And, collecting Rewards is easy. Even better, more of you have been making use of the Rewards scheme, taking full advantage of our biggest offer yet.

Keep reading to find out how you’ve been earning your Rewards, how many points you’ve earn’t so far and where you can spend them.

How you’re claiming

It’s been a huge campaign so far, not only in the size of the offer for white-painted windows, but also for the number of Certified Installers who have claimed during this campaign.

There have been 373 different Rewards submissions since the campaign start in April, with over 630 white-painted windows being claimed so far.

This means the current total in claimed Rewards is over 17060, and here’s what you could buy with this total:

108 Kentucky Smoker BBQ’s from Argos

71 garden bistro table and chair sets from John Lewis

125 HP Stream laptops from PC World

2793 margherita pizzas from Pizza Express

What you’re claiming your Rewards on

With a huge amount of Rewards claimed so far, here’s a breakdown of what you’ve been claiming your Rewards on:

67% of your white-painted windows have been claimed on new installations, with 33% being claimed for replacements.

42% windows claimed for have been used for loft conversions closely followed by 41% for refurbishments.

13% of claims so far have been used for extension projects, and only 2% for new builds and another 2% for other projects.

Have you claimed yet?

Make sure you claim your Rewards on windows purchased in June, as you still have until July 12 to claim Rewards on them.

To claim your Rewards, visit Velux Rewards to get your claims in.  

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