Advice for conducting installations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

20th March 2020
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6th March 2020
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31st March 2020

We know that many Certified Installers are still working and with health and safety being of utmost importance at this time, we have collated the following measures we would advise you to take, in addition to those outlined by Government guidelines, to ensure the safety of you, your employees and your customers.

1.You can request that before turning up to a job, the homeowner takes extra care in cleaning all areas where you will be working as well as the facilities you are likely to encounter (eg. bathroom facilities, door handles etc.). Also, be sure of the health status of residents in the property so you can prepare accordingly before visiting.

2. Although you are unlikely to rely on your customers for refreshments, it is advised that during this time, you use your own supply of food and drinks in order to limit the contact you have with the homeowner.

3. Before visiting your customer, send any necessary documents to them electronically including quotations, specifications and terms and conditions. For documents which require a signature, you can use the following sites to supply the files, which make electronically signing the papers easy.

  • Adobe Sign– 7 days free trial, £15.17 per month
  • HelloSign– 30 days free trial, £12.77 per month
  • DocuSign– 30 days free trial, £20 per month

4. To ensure both you and your customer are comfortable with the working conditions, we advise that you acquire further PPE including gloves, shoe protectors and in some cases masks as an extra precaution if the customer requests you to take these measures.

5. In addition to this, we suggest that you increase the frequency in which you clean your equipment as well as surfaces that you come into regular contact with eg. van door handles, steering wheel etc. and continue to follow NHS guidelines.

Finally, we recommend that you contact your prospective customers informing them of the measures that you are taking to protect them and yourself when carrying out the work. They will appreciate the reassurance that you are taking this situation seriously and that you have their best interest at heart.

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