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27th April 2023
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27th April 2023
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27th April 2023

Homeowners are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the planet and the cost of energy, so we’ve put together some ways you can help your customers enjoy greener living.

And if you haven’t made customers aware of our energy-efficient VELUX products yet, now’s the time.

With your honest and knowledgeable advice, customers can confidently select greener products and enjoy long-term savings, so you can get maximum value out of each project as well as high customer satisfaction.

Replace old roof windows

As you know, an old roof window with cracks, condensation, leaks or discolouration is more trouble than it’s worth fixing, which is why a full roof window replacement is the best way to go. But let your customers know that a VELUX roof window will not only provide plenty of daylight and big views, but it will also improve their energy efficiency too.

If their current roof window needs replacing, let them into a little secret: a like-for-like replacement is faster and more affordable than they may think!

And for extra thermal performance they could add VELUX Blackout energy blinds.

VELUX Blackout energy blinds

For homeowners concerned about poor insulation from draughty windows, suggest that they upgrade with some VELUX Blackout energy blinds.

The Blackout energy blind is made with double pleated cloth and has a built-in aluminium honeycomb structure which provides better insulation and increased comfort. Perfect for keeping warm in winter and cooler in summer, the Blackout energy blind provides the best of both worlds and puts its user in full control of daylight.

With a wide range of colours for your customers to choose from, they can be sure to find the perfect colour that best suits their décor.

What’s more, the Blackout energy blind is easy to install – so you can provide quick wins for customer comfort!

Install roof windows

Homeowners making conscious decisions to up their home’s energy efficiency might first read about how a typical home loses around 10% of the heat through its windows. So, if this is the case for their home, a good way to improve this is by investing in well-insulated VELUX roof windows that allow more daylight into the home, and reduce the need for heating and lights.

VELUX roof windows also offer:

  • Improved energy efficiency

Homeowners can save energy on heating, cooling and lighting throughout the year, contributing to an overall more energy efficient home.

  • Savings on bills

Roof windows are low-energy light sources. They are two times as effective as façade windows and reduce the need for artificial lighting by up to 20% in homes.

  • Healthier indoor climates

Roof windows can help create healthier environments thanks to more daylight and fresh air.

Replace the roof

For customers with extremely high energy bills, it might be that their roofing is simply inadequate, perhaps they need replacement tiles, or they need to replace the whole roof. And whilst homes require ventilation, roofs with too many gaps can be the cause of heat loss, leaks and costly repairs. Suggest to your customers that they might need to have tiles replaced or require a whole re-roofing job if they want to improve their home’s energy efficiency.

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