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27th April 2023
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27th April 2023
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27th April 2023

With online marketing, there’s always opportunities for error.

By following this guide, you can steer clear of the most typical VELUX communication errors which will not only protect the VELUX brand, but will help your business to increase sales too.

Here are the 7 steps:

Protect the VELUX brand on your website

Don’t be distracted by the VELUX branding, your website needs to maintain its own identity. All VELUX communication on your website needs be treated separately. By doing so, it ensures it stays distinguishable and true to the approved VELUX design guidelines.

Your businesses website can never adopt essential VELUX design properties and treat them as part of your own design.

Use the VELUX logo correctly
Use only authentic VELUX logo files when using them on your website – they are unique and fixed elements which means they shouldn’t ever be cropped, modified or used alongside a competitor brand – or to indicate that VELUX products are compatible with non-VELUX products.

The VELUX logo is made up of white lettering on a red backdrop and features a trademark symbol. For media that is solely black and white, the text can be used on a black background.

For download choices, contact your local sales team.

Avoid the VELUX colour palette
Your website must maintain the distinctive colour scheme of your business. We always encourage using authentic VELUX photography to illustrate our goods.
Please refrain from implementing the VELUX colour scheme into your website’s general design since this could give users the impression that the site is connected to the VELUX Group.

Photos, videos, and illustrations
You can download authorised, original pictures, films, and illustrations from the VELUX Media Library. All information is organised in packages that are connected to the VELUX products and solutions that are readily available. Although using original content is not required, we strongly advise you to use this service.

Never directly copy photographs or drawings from any VELUX website and use them for commercial reasons due to quality and copyright concerns.

Referring to VELUX

The term “VELUX” must be regarded as an adjective and is never allowed to stand alone. Always combine our brand name with a descriptor, such as VELUX products, VELUX roof windows, or the VELUX Group. “Roof window products” must be the term used to describe accessories.

The first time the name VELUX appears in the text, it must be followed by a ® because it is a capital-letter word.

The name VELUX should not be written in tiny print or enclosed in quotation marks. Use it only with a descriptor.

Using the VELUX trademark in online marketing

Running an effective online marketing campaign requires a strong understanding of digital tools. If you are familiar with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and social media marketing, you should be knowledgeable and ahead of the game when using them.

Managing your marketing initiatives becomes significantly more difficult when it involves a recognised global brand, such as the VELUX trademark.

The key guidelines:

The VELUX trademark may only be used in connection with genuine VELUX products or products that are compatible with VELUX roof windows. The VELUX brand is never to be used to drive visitors to websites that advertise incompatible items from rival companies.

The regulations that you must follow as a VELUX dealer are covered in depth in this section. Please make use of the integrated links to learn more about limitations and restrictions if you are selling both compatible and incompatible products.

Selling original VELUX products – see here

Selling compatible products – see here

Selling competitor products – see here

Brand names and website domains
Select a distinctive brand name or trademark that helps your company stand out from the competition and may even communicate your key selling points as a dealer.

Any dealer, whether a VELUX dealer or not, is expressly restricted from registering any kind of rights to the VELUX trademark or any other trademark of the VELUX Group. The following are prohibited:

  1. Trademark registration, incorporating trademarks that are registered by the VELUX Group. 
  2. Registration of company names, incorporating trademarks that are registered by the VELUX Group, e.g. VELUX Dealer Ltd. or VELUX Gardinen GmbH.
  3. Registration of domains and e-mail addresses, incorporating trademarks that are registered by the VELUX Group, e.g., or

You must not use what is regarded as the intellectual property of the VELUX Group without obtaining written permission from the VELUX Group to do so.

Breaching these guidelines may trigger a written warning from the legal department of the VELUX Group. If you do not comply within a two-week period, the VELUX Group is liable to end the relationship without further notice.

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