Improving quality through the new assessment process

18th October 2018
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2nd November 2018

Improving quality through the new assessment process

We’re always keen on improving the Certified Installer Scheme, and ensuring the standard of Installers remain high within. We listened to your feedback and are now taking steps to improve the assessment process.

Starting this month, we will be introducing a new assessment process for Installers. We will be looking to evolve the current process and make it more stringent to ensure we are strengthening the high credibility of the Installers within the Certified Installer Scheme. With this in mind, this month’s introduction will not be the final article. It will be developed and tweaked over time to create a robust and appropriate process, ensuring that the current standard of members and those that are recruited are of the highest standard within the industry.

We will slowly roll out the new process this month, starting with reassessments of existing Installers. You will see a change in how you’re assessed as VELUX Service Technicians will be managing the assessments, moving away from BBA assessors. We see this is an important step as technicians understand and work with the products every day, which will contribute to the quality of assessments undertaken. In addition to this, assessments will be undertaken at a live installation, rather than of work already finished. This will provide more insight into the whole installation process and allow the technicians to report on multiple elements of installation in detail, increasing the robustness.  Don’t worry though, we will be creating documents detailing all of the information on the new process once it is close to the final format, and we will keep you in the loop between then if there are any further changes.

To summarise, the main points are:

• The process will be first introduced with reassessments with current members, then onto assessments for new members

• VELUX Service Technicians undertake assessments, not the BBA

• Assessments undertaken at live site, not completed jobs

As we are always keen to get your feedback, the first few Installers to undertake the new process will be asked to provide theirs, which will go a long way in helping us evolve the process for the whole Scheme.

If you have any questions about the new assessment process, please email us at, or call us on 0115 784 1503.


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