Winter reminders for tradespeople

30th January 2024
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30th January 2024
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8th February 2024

As winter brings cold, wet and windy conditions, it becomes even more important for you to prioritise safety to avoid potential risks.

This article is here as your friendly reminder, providing essential tips to ensure your well-being during the challenging winter months.

  • Layer up in specialist workwear

The best way to keep warm when working outside is to wear a few layers rather than a couple of bulky layers. Having more layers than usual will help you retain the heat and if you get too hot, you can always remove a layer.

  • Take frequent breaks and go indoors

Going indoors is essential for the health, safety and overall well-being. It helps to manage physical exertion and regulate body temperature.

  • Eat well

With the lack of sun and cold temperatures, energy levels can drop so remember to pack some snacks. To sustain your energy levels, slow-release foods like granola bars and nuts are a good way to go, as well as opting for hot drinks to keep you warm.

  • Keep track of weather forecasts

Being aware of the weather allows you to consider factors in advance, such as accessibility and potential delays. By planning in advance, you can safeguard materials and equipment, optimising productivity despite challenging conditions and managing client expectations by proactively addressing potential delays.

  • Get insurance coverage

To manage risk in the winter weather, it’s wise to have comprehensive insurance to manage potential accidents and injuries.

  • Be ready to stop when the weather gets bad

Know when to call it a day when the weather is severe. Making the call to pause a job will prioritise safety, preserve equipment, uphold the quality of work and comply with regulations.

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