VELUX sponsors Alan Cumming’s Paradise Homes

8th February 2024
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Winter reminders for tradespeople
30th January 2024
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14th March 2024

We’re starting off the new year as proud sponsors of Alan Cumming’s Paradise Homes!

This captivating show celebrates the art of inspirational home design and how these homes have been seamlessly transformed with natural daylight. The series consists of 5 episodes, featuring 11 remarkable properties located across North America and Europe.

With different locations, inspiration and design, each property is unique, so you can expect an interesting and memorable watch.

You’ll hear from the architects behind the homes and the families living in them to understand what paradise means to them and why.

What’s more, guiding you through the series is presenter Alan Cumming, who boasts an extensive career in film theatre and television, whilst his passion for architecture and design make him an excellent fit.

See for yourself the consideration that has gone into every detail and how they emphasise each design feature – this will help you better understand daylight planning and how the architects go about creating optimal indoor climates.

Get ready for an exciting journey exploring the most unique and beautiful homes, and prepare to inspire your customers to find their paradise.

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Don’t miss out! Alan Cumming’s Paradise Homes airs 12th February 2024 on HGTV and discovery+.

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