Everything in one box: VELUX Pro+ flashing set launch

23rd February 2023
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23rd February 2023
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23rd February 2023

The new VELUX Pro+ flashing set (e.g., EDW MK06 2000) has become the new standard and has replaced all current single flashings (e.g., EDW MK06 0000) for single roof windows.  

With everything you need all in one box, the Pro+ flashing set has been introduced to make your job a lot easier thanks to our high-quality installation products. 

New product improvements

Inside the upgraded flashing set you will find made-to-fit and easy-to-install insulation and watertight collars, which will reduce heat loss and cold bridges and provide extra protection against water penetration. 

Meeting the demands of the future  

The building industry is being met with more expectations and regulations across Europe to address the climate crisis. This is why we’ve focused on improved insulation and longevity of materials and solutions, which is now at the core of our VELUX Pro+ flashing set. 

The Pro+ flashing set ensures your customers are better prepared for extreme weather, so they can enjoy improved energy efficiency with this durable solution. 

Installations that meet building regulations 

With the Pro+ flashing set, you have all tools you need for an efficient installation workflow that complies with building regulations for a best practice installation. 

Additional benefits and improvements: 

  • Handle on the box makes it easier to carry the boxes from the van to the roof 
  • Made-to-fit insulation collar that reduces heat loss and eliminates cold bridges 
  • Underfelt collar that ensures watertightness 
  • All screws are now magnetic, so they are easier to handle 
  • All nails in the flashing clips have been replaced by magnetic screws so no hammer is needed 
  • No plastic in the packaging for faster disposal 

Create better insulated homes  

Make the best possible installations that stand the test of time and ensure excellent indoor living for their customers with the Pro+ flashing set. 

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