Introducing the NEW VELUX 2in1 roof window

23rd February 2023
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16th January 2023
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23rd February 2023

Double the daylight in just one simple installation because the 2in1 roof window is now available! 

Perfect for small to medium-sized rooms or for creating a bigger impact in larger areas – the NEW 2in1 roof window makes transforming living spaces, drawing in surplus daylight and framing extensive views easy.  

2in1 available in solar and manual operation  

Whether your customers opt for solar-powered or manual 2in1 windows, there will be one fixed window and one window that opens.  

  • Solar-powered 2in1 roof window gives your customers increased comfort. It can be easily controlled from anywhere in their home and the integrated rain sensor will automatically close any open window – so rain isn’t a problem! 
  • Manual 2in1 roof window gives customers the benefit of daylight and fresh air, making it an affordable way to double the daylight and make living areas seem bigger.  

Available in a variety of sizes and with the option of manual or solar operation, your customers can also decide on the style of window too: centre-pivot, manual top-hung and manual centre-pivot.  

Window type VELUX 2in1 Centre-pivot VELUX 2in1 top-hung VELUX 2in1 solar centre-pivot 
Finish White-painted White-painted White-painted 
Roof pitch  15 °- 90 ° 15 °- 55 ° 15 °- 90 ° 
Operation Manual Manual Solar-operated 
Sizes W x H (cm) 127×118 127×140 139×118 139×140 151×118 151×140 155×118 155×140 127×118 127×140 139×118 139×140 151×118 151×140 155×118 155×140 127×118 127×140 139×118 139×140 151×118 151×140 155×118 155×140 

Benefits of the NEW 2in1 roof window to tell your customers 

Help your customers understand the full benefits of the 2in1 roof window, as well as the range of accessories that are available with this product, so you can ensure the perfect daylight solution for each project.  

  • Choice of interior finish  

Your customers can choose between a bright, ultra-modern white-painted 2in1 finish and a white polyurethane finish which is maintenance free and moisture resistant, recommended for humid rooms like bathrooms and kitchens. 

  • Ultimate convenience and control 

Convenient remote-controlled roof windows, compatible with VELUX App Control and VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO. 

  • Light control, energy efficiency, and privacy 

Blinds, anti-heat blinds and shutters are available for VELUX 2in1 roof windows to control light and keep homes cool and comfortable on hot days and nights. VELUX blinds provide a stylish layer of privacy that either softens or blocks daylight entirely. 

  • Solar-operated roof windows 

The ultimate choice for creating a better indoor climate in any home with more fresh air and daylight. For worry-free home security, roof windows can all close at the touch of a button and almost without a sound. For ultimate convenience, the rain sensor closes roof windows automatically when it rains, and the battery charges even on cloudy days. 

More from VELUX  

For over 80 years, the VELUX Group has helped people transform spaces using daylight and fresh air through the roof. By creating brighter, healthier, more sustainable places to live, we enable a better everyday life for people around the world. 

Transform your space with more fresh air and daylight. Find your FREE 2in1 installer training here.  

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