Get more VELUX Rewards! Share cashback form with homeowners 

26th October 2023
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8th August 2023
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26th October 2023

Make the most out of our homeowner cashback offer – have them sign up before 30th November 2023 by filling out this UK cashback form or IE cashback form.  

What’s in it for me?  

  • More installer leads.   

Drum up demand for replacement jobs and claim more VELUX Rewards.  

  • More VELUX Rewards.   

With higher incentives, homeowners will be more inclined to opt for higher-priced products such as maintenance-free and solar-powered roof windows.  

  • More upselling.   

With higher cashback for homeowners, upselling premium VELUX solutions can be easier.  

  • Zero admin.   

VELUX Rewards will handle all claims and reimbursements of cashback, so all you need to do is make homeowners aware of our cashback offer.  

How does it work?  

1. Homeowners can register for the offer at |, they’ll receive an email with details on how to claim. They must sign up between now and 30th November 2023.   

2. Homeowners can discuss their project with you or a VELUX advisor. To benefit from the cashback offer, the roof window purchase must be made between now and the 31st January 2024.  

3. Once the roof windows have been purchased, homeowners can go to the link provided in their email and complete their cashback claim. Purchases will be verified by scanning the roof window data plate OR by supporting documentation.   

Remind homeowners to sign up before 30th November 2023 to be eligible. Visit | for more information. 

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