How to take advantage of your exclusive early access to the VELUX Rewards Calculator

6th March 2020
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6th March 2020
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6th March 2020

Have you tried the new VELUX Rewards Calculator yet? As a Certified Installer, you have been offered exclusive early access to try it out! Created to make calculating rewards easier than ever before, it’ll stop you from missing out on everyday rewards again.

How the calculator works

The VELUX Rewards Calculator is a quick, easy and automatic way to calculate the rewards you could earn per purchase. All you have to do is select the internal finish, operation method and glazing option, and your potential rewards will be displayed. This convenient tool can also be used on your mobile, tablet or desktop, meaning you no longer have to manually add up your rewards!

Any time, any place

The calculator allows you to easily switch between GBP and EUR, so you’ll always be able to find out the rewards you are eligible to earn. And, this doesn’t just go for the all year round VELUX Rewards that you take home. The VELUX Rewards Calculator will also keep you updated with seasonal promotions by letting you know how much more you could earn on specific products for a limited time only.

Give us your feedback

We’re interested in what you think of the new tool, so let us know your thoughts on the Rewards Calculator by leaving a comment in the Facebook group or contacting us directly at

Ready to start calculating your VELUX Rewards? Try the Rewards Calculator for yourself!

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