Introducing the new generation of VELUX blinds

21st January 2021
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16th December 2020
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8th March 2021

What better way to personalise a new VELUX roof window than with our wide range of blinds and shutters?

The new blind collection boasts a selection of 70 colours, carefully picked and reviewed by top interior designers to seamlessly integrate into your customers’ room. So whether it’s a bright pop of colour they are looking for, or a timeless shade they’ll never grow tired of, the new range guarantees to have the perfect blind for everyone.

What’s new?

To ensure the process of picking a blind is even easier, the new simplified structure allows homeowners to combine different types of blind, but still maintain the same colour scheme throughout. And if customers can’t find the exact colour to match their current interior, they can choose from thousands of shades in the Colour by You collection. All colours are also defined using NCS and RAL standards, so it’s easier than ever to match your colours accurately. And not only that, but all VELUX blinds are now available with both aluminium and all-white side rails to make them the perfect match for white roof windows and blend seamlessly into the frame.

What’s not new?

As of November 2019, you can submit your blind invoices along with your VELUX roof window invoices to claim up to £40/€45 on VELUX blinds and shutters. For a full break down of these amounts, see the table below.

Blinds Rewards

Why tell your customers about VELUX blinds?

If you don’t sell them a blind, then someone else will! To help them create the perfect indoor environment no matter what time of the year, make sure you let your customers know about the wide range of accessories for their new VELUX roof window.

VELUX Shutters

For total protection from the elements, something that may be more important now with the unpredictable weather, why not tell your customers about our range of roller and soft shutters as well? Not only do they offer homeowners complete blackout at any time of the day, these electric or solar powered shutters also reduce noise and offer increased insulation, making them perfect for any time of the year!

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