Introducing the first promotion of 2021

8th March 2021
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21st January 2021
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8th March 2021

We’re starting off the new VELUX Rewards year with a bang!

This March and April you can earn up to £35/€40 with every VELUX white polyurethane roof window you purchase.

How can you make the most of the offer?

As a result of the last year, more people are now looking to invest in improving their homes. So whether that means making use of the space they already have with a loft conversion, or creating more space with a single-storey extension, a VELUX white polyurethane window is perfect for all projects.

The moisture-resistant finish makes it the best solution for adding natural daylight to kitchens and bathrooms. And being maintenance-free, these windows are also ideal for hard-to-reach locations. Therefore, no matter where your customers are hoping to bring natural daylight into their homes, they’re guaranteed to find a window to suit their needs from our wide range of white polyurethane roof windows.

If you already have projects planned for the upcoming months, then why not purchase your roof windows now to guarantee a higher Rewards value for the products?

Which products can I claim with?

Almost all our roof windows come in the PU finish, therefore no matter what you and your customer have in mind for the project, there will be a window to suit.

For loft conversions, your customers will benefit most from the uninterrupted views offered by a top-hung solution. With brighter days on the horizon, they’ll be able to make the most of their view, as well as opening up the space and increasing the air flow into the room for better indoor comfort. Or why not tell them about the VELUX INTEGRA top-hung roof window that provides electrical operation, as well as the automatic rain sensor to close the window (a must for our traditional British and Irish Spring/Summer).

Alternatively, if it’s an extension they are looking for, then an electrically operated centre-pivot roof window would be the perfect solution, providing effortless operation through the integrated wall switch. You could also tell them about upgrading with VELUX ACTIVE, so they can make the most of Smart Home technology, and guarantee the best indoor climate (plus an additional £30/€36 in VELUX Rewards for you).

Where to claim?

This promotion is only available during March and April, so to submit your claims for roof windows you’ve purchased, visit the link below and make sure to claim by 14th May 2021.

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