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2nd November 2018
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2nd November 2018
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Get involved in our latest Rewards offer

Don’t miss out!

With our Autumn offer coming to an end, we didn’t want you to go without heading into the New Year.

For the remainder of 2018, you will be able to earn £75 in Rewards for every Flat Roof Window you purchase. This gives you two months to earn as much as you can, so you can start saving for that summer holiday!

In addition, as of Monday 5th November, you will be able to gain Rewards for combination flashings.

Earning £5/€6 per roof window, this will work out as £10 / €12 per Twin, duo or coupled flashing, £15 / €18 per triple flashing and £20 / €24 per quattro flashing, really adding up what you can potentially earn with Rewards.

Rewards can only be claimed if purchased as a twin, triple or quattro flashing as you do not get Rewards on a single flashing.

Winner of the ‘In it to Win it’ competition to be announced

Since the start of September, we’ve ran a competition for Installers with a grand prize of £1000 of VELUX Rewards and you’ve been getting involved and sending us pictures of you and your fully installed VELUX white-painted roof window.

20 installers pictures will be drawn as winners and will win £1,000 VELUX Rewards. In addition, the dealer who they made the purchase from will also win a pizza or donut day for their branch!

The winner of the competition will be announced on Friday November 9th, so keep an eye out for this exciting announcement.

Remember to redeem your Rewards

For every time you bought a VELUX white-painted roof window in September and October, you can earn rewards to spend at retailers including Ticketmaster and Pizza Express.

You still have time to claim this reward, as you are able to upload your invoices up until  November 16th. If you don’t already have a VELUX Rewards account, head online and sign up now!

To find out more, head to VELUX Rewards for all the information you need.


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