Installers give thumbs up to new face-to-face training

15th March 2019
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15th March 2019
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15th March 2019

Installers give thumbs up to new face-to-face training

As more and more products are released, we recognise the need for additional training and support. So, this year we’ve launched the first of a series of training days designed to give you more insight into VELUX products and their installation.

Feedback from installers will shape future courses

The first training session took place at JJ Roofing in Cricklewood on January 21st and 22nd. Hosted by Mark Dymond (VELUX Technical and Training), the aim of the day was to provide product and installation training, as well as updating Installers about marketing plans and the new VELUX ACTIVE technology.

We also collected feedback from all the Installers who attended. This feedback will help us to shape the content of these training sessions, enabling us to roll them out nationwide throughout 2019.

More training dates announced

Following the success of these initial events, we recently announced more dates throughout March, April and May. The places for the Glenrothes event are now full, however we do have space for the second date for Dublin. The second date is taking place on the 17th May, so if you would like to get involved, let us know and we will list your name and allocate places following a random draw.

There are also more sessions to come – we’ll let you know as soon as dates and locations are finalised.

Installers Paul Rochelle and Bruce Poll provided their thoughts on the training from their session in January:

“Found it really informative, nice to cover some of the basic installs that we’ve forgotten about, and very interest on the VELUX ACTIVE, as it was a new product that we didn’t know too much about, so that was very informative as well” – Paul Rochelle

“It’s given me the confidence to increase the amount of VELUX work we can do and hopefully take on another apprentice to train them up” – Bruce Poll

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