Promote your business with the help of new VELUX TV ads

28th March 2018
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28th March 2018
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23rd August 2018

Promote your business with the help of new VELUX TV ads

If you tune into the Channel 4, ITV & Sky as well as RTE in Republic of Ireland throughout Spring, you’re likely to see some brand-new VELUX adverts on your screen.

Our new TV campaign is launching this Spring and is designed to increase homeowner awareness of VELUX products. We’ve invested a significant sum in this national campaign at a time of year when people are thinking about replacing windows or improving their home. Indeed, part of the focus of this campaign is on people looking to extend their home, and the products that we offer that are perfectly suited.

Did you know only 3 in 10 single storey extensions have roof windows installed in them?

This investment from us represents our largest spend on TV advertising in years. We are focussed on stimulating homeowner demand, with the aim being that you, as our Certified Installers, reap the benefits.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for further information.

Your guide to sharing on social media

During the campaign, we’re expecting to see an increase in awareness of VELUX products across social media. So, this is an excellent time to piggyback on the TV campaign and to raise awareness of your Certified Installer status and what your business can offer.

Tagging VELUX in your social media posts can help you increase engagement. Using popular hashtags such as #VELUX #MyDaylight and #VELUXextensions can also help you to promote your business, particularly if you’re sharing examples of your work.

Let customers know you’re a Certified Installer and use this wider TV campaign to engage across social media.

To help you, we’ve put together a handy guide with tips and advice on making the most of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. As well as tips on how to tag and share your posts, we’ve also included some examples of posts that work.

We’ve uploaded this guide to the VELUX Certified Installer Facebook page, and you can access a PDF of the document here.

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