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30th January 2018
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30th January 2018
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30th January 2018

February 2018 sees the launch of new VELUX product bundles, consisting of a roof window, flashing, installation products and a blind.

This approach will help you to recommend a complete product solution to suit a customer’s needs, without relying on them knowing everything about each relevant product category.

Grant Sneddon, Product Manager at VELUX says: “We now know more about where our products are installed than ever before and this has allowed us to identify the most common installation scenarios, and from there make recommendations on which window and blind is most suited.

“We know that over three-quarters of the roof windows we sell are going into either a bedroom, kitchen, living room or dining room and we know the types of projects these rooms are found, allowing us to determine which product bundles are likely to be required.

“So, for example, in a bedroom, we recommend noise reduction glazing and a blackout blind and offer top-hung since many bedrooms will be in loft conversions, and so a high proportion of windows are within reach,” he adds.

Offer an entire product solution, and earn more Rewards

As a VELUX Certified Installer, this approach means you can use the product bundles as a sales tool for your jobs.

Once you know what the project and room type is you will be able to quickly identify the recommended solutions and sell these to your customers. It is likely that this approach will help you sell more installation products and more blinds.

This will make it easy for you to offer an entire product solution which considers the right installation products for a quick and energy efficient installation, the right choice of roof window, and the right blind, ensuring the customer is satisfied with a considered and professional service every time!

Most of the products within the product bundles attract higher levels of rewards, so you can claim more back through VELUX Rewards when promoting VELUX bundles.

Grant adds: “VELUX product bundles benefit the end-user and the installer, so start using them to your benefit from February!”

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