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8th March 2021
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8th March 2021
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8th March 2021

With people spending more time at home over the last year, we’ve seen a considerable increase in enquiries as a result of homeowners wanting to invest more in home renovations. Here we will be discussing how you can help your customers achieve their dream transformation, and in return make the most of the boom in enquiries.

We spoke to Dean Northwood from Surrey Roofing Service about the incredible project him and his team recently completed and how he helped his customers with the process.

Why did the customers decide to make the changes to their property?

“The existing building was a single-story bungalow with a hipped roof that had been unmaintained or modified since being built in the 1930s” says Dean. Therefore in order to give the property a new lease of life, the customer granted Dean and his team full control of the project, resulting in a single-storey extension, complete roof replacement, construction and installation of a second floor, plus a full renovation of the interior décor to bring it into the 21st Century and create the perfect indoor space.

 “We completely removed the roof and reinstated a new pitched roof with a raised ridge line, new gabled ends and three dormers creating an additional floor. The new floor level consists of two large bedrooms one of which has a walk in closet, a bathroom and various storage cupboards. At the rear of the building we extended to make a “Sun-room” / “Orangery”.

How did you assist the customer in making decisions for the project?

Due to having more control in this project, Dean was able to assist in the design stage as well as recommend the best roof window specifications for the job.

The VELUX windows have simply taken this conversion to another level with natural light and additional head room.” Being able to advise the customer on how different areas of the property could benefit from different windows meant they could maximise space and achieve the optimal indoor environment dependent on the room.

Dean comments “the customer couldn’t be happier and completely bought into our vision of what the VELUX windows would add to the property.”

The main and spare bedrooms featured side-by-side combinations of two top-hung GPU PK08 and two GPU MK08 respectively. The team also recommended manual blackout blinds to accompany these windows to block out all incoming light for the perfect sleeping conditions.

To add even more light to a small room, a single top-hung GPU PK08 with manual Venetian blinds was installed in the closet for a modern finish.

The bathroom contains a single GPU PK08 fitted with a manual Venetian blinds to keep the room light and airy, as well as provide further privacy. The polyurethane finish also makes the window ideal for this room, as the moisture-resistant and maintenance-free finish will prevent steam affecting the window.

As the sunroom/ orangery is the main entertaining space, the triple combination of GGU PK06 Electric INTEGRA roof windows help to flood the room with natural light, whilst the electrical operation makes the windows fully accessible. The suggestion to upgrade these windows with VELUX ACTIVE has also allowed the homeowner to achieve the optimal indoor climate, as the indoor and outdoor climate are constantly monitored in order to automatically open and close the windows, as well as the blinds.

How did you find the project on the whole?

Dean commented, “typically this is not the type of complete project that we would undertake as we tend to focus our efforts towards VELUX roofing projects. But with all the uncertainty of recent times it was a good project to keep my team busy, safe and secure working on an unoccupied building during the lockdowns, one that we all found very rewarding.”

This is a fantastic example of how input from the installer can help the customer transform their home with natural daylight. Whether that means simply recommending the best size, style and finish of the window, or highlighting the importance of window operation to maximise space and functionality, you can help your customer achieve their dream home whilst maximising your margin (and VELUX Rewards) on projects.

For further support to help your customers with their upcoming projects, you can use our VELUX Daylight Calculator or contact the Customer Support team for more resources.

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