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8th March 2021
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8th March 2021
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29th March 2021

With the countdown to Summer having already begun, it’s time to re-introduce the Anti-heat Blackout Shutters and Anti-heat Blinds.

For those of you who may not be familiar with these products, our range of exterior blinds and shutters were previously known as the Soft shutter, Roller shutter and Awning blind. However, to raise awareness of the effective range of climate-control solutions that they are, we’ve developed these new names to promote their heat-protective and black-out properties and clearly differentiate them from one another.

Who are these products best for?

No matter what the project, this range of products are the perfect solution to achieve the optimal indoor climate, with a wide range of options to suit all budgets.

Anti-heat blind
Anti-heat blind

Starting with the most cost-effective solution, the Anti-heat blind keeps the home cool on sunny days, whilst its transparent fabric still allows natural daylight to enter the room and retain the view to the outside.

Anti-heat blackout blind
Anti-heat blackout blind

In comparison, the Anti-heat blackout blind‘s more tough and durable fabric enables it to not only reduce heat in the summer months, but also block out sunlight for a better night’s sleep. This external blind also improves insulation when the temperature isn’t quite as high, so offers year-round climate control.

Anti-heat blackout shutter
Anti-heat blackout shutter

Finally, our Anti-heat blackout shutter offers the best heat protection and is the most energy-efficient accessory. The robust shutter not only significantly reduces heat coming from outside, but also offers effective winter insulation, making it just as valuable in the cold months as it is in the Summer. The Anti-heat blackout shutter also provides total blackout and noise reduction, giving homeowners even more control of their indoor space.

Projects that would benefit from an Anti-heat and blackout blind or shutter

As the Summer months are fast approaching, so are uncomfortably warm home-offices and unpleasantly hot bedrooms to disturb a peaceful night’s sleep. Although these parts of Summer are not at the forefront of people’s minds, when they creep up on us, we wish we had the fans and air-conditioning in place to deal with them. However, with this range of external blinds and shutters, you can help your customers prepare for the inevitable with a comprehensive solution that will benefit them all year-round.

Home Offices

The recent surge in home offices will not dissipate anytime soon, and with the novelty of their installation, many customers will not have even considered how they will cope when the warmer weather arrives. Unlike traditional offices that are equipped for all seasons, many homeowners will likely be looking for a convenient way to deal with the higher temperatures. This is where the Anti-heat blind will be the perfect solution, as your customer will not have to compromise on daylight or views, but will be able to effectively reduce the heat entering the room for optimal every-day comfort.


With a lot of home renovations making the most of current loft space, homeowners can benefit from additional and even larger bedrooms, with even greater views. However, these rooms are more susceptible to higher temperatures, which is why they could benefit from an Anti-heat blackout blind or shutter. In addition to their effective heat-reduction, they also provide a blackout effect, meaning your customers can get a better night’s sleep.

How can I find out more?

Over the next couple of months, we will be releasing more resources to Certified Installers to help share the benefits of these accessories. Therefore, keep an eye out on the VELUX Certified Installer Partnership Facebook page and emails for more information on how you can communicate these products to your customers.

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