Enhance your customers’ VELUX roof window this Spring

29th March 2021
Introducing the Anti-heat blinds and shutters
8th March 2021
Introducing the 3in1 roof window in more sizes
29th April 2021

Are your customers aware that they can get even more from their roof window with your help?

When it comes to installing a brand-new roof window or replacing an old one, help your customers understand that there’s more to life with a VELUX roof window when they enhance it with any of accessories.

Room too hot or cold? Help customers looking for the perfect temperature

With the Summer fast approaching, customers looking for the perfect indoor temperature will benefit all year round with our range of Anti-heat blinds and shutters.

These cost-effective solutions offer a variety of features, so no matter what room the roof-window is installed in, there will be an ideal product for everyone. To help your customers choose the product which is best for them, here’s our useful guide:

  • Anti-heat blind – If heat protection is their number one priority, but they would still like to allow natural light into their home and see the view to the outside, then this is the perfect solution.
  • Anti-heat blackout blind – In addition to the anti-heat properties, if your customers would also like to block daylight coming into the room to achieve optimal sleeping conditions when necessary, then this is the ideal blind for them.
  • Anti-heat blackout shutter – Offering total blackout and our best heat protection, this shutter also provides insulation as well as noise reduction, making it more energy-efficient and providing your customers with ultimate climate control.

Not only can these blinds help your customers build the perfect indoor space, but you can also earn between £15-£25 / €6-€30 VELUX Rewards when you purchase these accessories, depending on the product and its operation!

To find out more about the range, visit velux.co.uk/products/blinds-and-shutters.

Window out of reach? Help customers looking for automatic control

Although the window may be out of reach in some projects, that doesn’t mean customers need to miss out on the benefits of a fully-operational roof window to create a healthy indoor climate.

For any new installations that are out of reach to customers, make sure to tell them about our VELUX INTEGRA® centre-pivot roof window which includes the easy-to-use integrated wall-switch with automatic closing when it begins to rain. This will mean that when the warmer weather hits, they can control the airflow in their home all at the touch of a button (and will help you earn even more Rewards with these top-of-the-range roof windows).

If the customer already has a pre-installed VELUX roof window, but could benefit from the automatic control of VELUX INTEGRA®, then they may be able to upgrade with our KSX conversion kit. For an even ‘smarter’ home, they can also upgrade their window with the VELUX ACTIVE Kit. This will mean they don’t have to worry about controlling their windows at all, as the kit enables the monitoring of CO2 levels, humidity levels and temperature, resulting in an automated window that will open and close to create the optimal environment!

When you help your customers upgrade their window with INTEGRA or ACTIVE, you could earn an additional £30/€36 Rewards for the project.

Where to claim?

You can submit your accessory invoices along with your VELUX roof window invoices at velux.co.uk/rewards or velux.ie/rewards to claim your additional rewards. So no matter what projects you have on this Spring, make sure to help your customers maximise the benefits of their roof window (plus earn even more Rewards for you and your family ready for when things begin opening up again!).

Just visit VELUX Rewards now!

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