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29th April 2021
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29th March 2021
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29th April 2021

The innovative 3-in-1 roof window (previously known as VELUX STUDIO) has been a popular daylight solution over the last year for customers looking to achieve a lighter, brighter home. We’ve had a great response from our Certified Installers and their customers regarding the impact of the window, which is now available in two sizes!  

Previously only available in the 3 x FK06 size, customers can now bring even more daylight into their home with the larger 3 x FK08 size. This means that there are more opportunities for customers to replace their single roof windows with a brand-new solution that will offer them 3 times the daylight and taking you the same amount of time to install as a single roof window.

Key features

For both sizes, the extra slim profiles mean 23% more daylight enters the room than a similar combi-solution. Not only that, but they also offer a wide panoramic view, making them perfect for loft conversions to make the most of the view from the roof.

Another benefit to having 3 windows included in a single frame is the reduction in installation time, as there are 128 fewer parts to install than with a regular 3 window combi-solution. With only a single order code, ordering the roof window and its accompanying parts couldn’t be easier, so you’ll find everything you need for the installation in the 2 boxes provided.

Additional accessories

No matter where in the home this window is installed, your customer can achieve the perfect indoor climate with the help of our INTEGRA® conversion kit. With two opening sashes, customers can operate the window with the touch of button to increase airflow into the room, even when the window is out of reach.

For optimal comfort, they can upgrade with VELUX ACTIVE so the windows will open and close on their own dependent on temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. This also allows for smartphone operation, so they can operate the windows from wherever they are in the world.

If blackout and heat protection are a concern for your customer, then why not tell them about our range of Anti-heat blackout blinds and shutters? These accessories also provide an array of features including noise reduction and energy saving capability, allowing full control of your indoor space and protection from external elements.

Want to learn more?

If you think this is the perfect roof window to introduce to your customers, then visit our website to find out more 3-in-1

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