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25th April 2019

Reassessments now underway

The changes to reassessments have come into effect as some of you may have already experienced this new process.

VELUX Service Technicians are now managing the assessments. This is an important step as technicians understand and work with the products every day, which helps us maintain the high standard of assessments undertaken.

In addition to this, assessments are now undertaken at a live installation, rather than a technician assessing work already finished. This will provide more insight into the whole installation process and allow the technicians to report on multiple elements of installation in detail, increasing the robustness.

Your reassessment

It’s important to note that if you’re assessed for a replacement window, you will be advertised on the VELUX Certified Installer website for ‘replacement installation’ only. However, if you’re assessed for a new installation, you will be advertised for both replacement and new installations.

For your reassessment to be arranged, please supply the following information about a forthcoming job for inspection:

  • Date the work on the window installation commences (needs to be at least two weeks notice)
  • Window product code
  • Type of installation: New Installation or Replacement
  • Height/ Access details (i.e. access internally?  Scaffolding access externally?)
  • Is there parking available for the technician?

The requirements of the reassessment are:

  • The inspection area should be internal
  • The floor to the bottom of the roof window height should be a maximum of 2.5 metres
  • The inspection area should be accessible, free from any obstructions, and provide a safe/secure working environment
  • The roof window being inspected should include both a VELUX roof window and a VELUX flashing kit
  • The installation being inspected should be within a tile or slate pitched roof.

If you fail to arrange your reassessment, this may result in the termination of your membership. If you do have any questions about your reassessment, or the new process, please email us or call us on 0115 784 1503.

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