21st March 2019
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15th March 2019
26th March 2019


At VELUX®, we are soon to be implementing a change to our product envelope, which is found on the pane of the newly purchased VELUX roof window. The change is only to be made to our 21U variants (VELUX Electric INTEGRA®), and will see the imagery and text become more appealing to the end-user.

The aim of making these changes is so that the envelope is seen as a more important document by the homeowner and they feel it will benefit them to retain it. There will be imagery of our extensive range of blinds and more importantly there will be an introduction to VELUX ACTIVE, as well as a link to the VELUX website. On top of this, it will retain the basic maintenance advice you would currently see on our product envelope.

As a means of tracking the success of this change, we have set up an incentive code for purchases made from the website and will entitle the purchaser to 20% discount from their basket value. The reason we are alerting you to this change is that the discount code will not be able to be used in conjunction with your Certified Installer blinds discount code. As such, we do not want you to miss out on the Rewards which you are eligible to receive.

The discount which the envelope will offer is set at 20% as to ensure that the code is not seen as more favourable than the discount you can provide them as part of your exclusive code. For those of you who actively engage with your blinds discount code, although we would like you to still highlight the envelope, but we appreciate that will want to do this whilst highlighting your own code.

If any of you require further cards with your unique code, or you would like to start earning Rewards for blinds purchased by your customers, please contact us at or call us on 0115 784 1503.

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